Adaptable Eyewear with Transitions Lenses


One of THE most frustrating things about needing prescription glasses is when it comes to sunglasses. You’re often caught in a constant battle with the light, swapping frames to try and adapt as you go about your day. - I personally gave up and just left having sunglasses all together, mainly because your typical scenario would be:

You’d look out the window, see it’s a sunny day and think “I need my sunnies”, reach for your prescription sunglasses (which only make an appearance maybe once or twice a year) and then think; “well how am I going to carry my normal glasses incase I go indoors?”, which then in turn would lead to a bag, then filling that bag with other suff because it seems a little ridiculous to have an empty bag with one glasses case inside… It just snowballs from there, you get the idea.

Not to add on that prescription glasses are expensive, especially with tastes like mine. I actually used to have 2 of the same pair of glasses, one with regular lenses in, the other with tinted lenses (sunglasses versions). Safe to say, I feel sorry for my mother. She had to fork out on 2 pairs of Rayban’s, and prescription lenses, because her son wanted to be trendy. I wasn’t cheap. But that’s what happens when it comes to buying glasses, you actually tend to pay a little more as an ‘investment’, after all this purchase will soon define your entire face…


So this is where Transition Lenses come in to play, it’s an easy concept to figure out if you haven’t already. But these lenses adapt to the light, shielding your eyes from UV rays, all day, without you having to do a thing.

Transitions approached me and offered to set me up with some Cubitts frames in order to test drive their lenses, safe to say, it was an easy accept. I’ve been a big fan of Cubitts for a while now, one of those independent eyewear brands that holds some serious merit among those who know them.

So, I’ve had these frames for almost a week now and it’s an interesting switch up from my norm. I’ve found it really interesting how the lenses adapt, and even more so, without me even noticing the change! I’ll be walking down the road and suddenly think to myself, “wow, everything looks so warm today” before realising the amber tint to my lenses is most likely the culprit. Similarly so, I’d catch myself in a reflection or photograph and be like “whoa, I literally had no idea they’d changed”. The lenses adapt to the ammount of UV light passing through into your eyes, and you’d be surprised just how much there actually is.

Transitions have honestly saved me a lot of ballache especially when it comes to sunny days, carrying two pairs of glasses round with you is much more of a hassle than you’d expect, and trying to snap a photo on top of that is even harder. I took the glasses to Edinburgh with me recently, and although it rained for around 95% of the time we were there, I was still finding that the lenses changed, even on the greyest of days.

It’s definitely not something I’m used to, in fact I might even go as far to say that they’re too sensitive. But I really appreciate the technology going into these lenses and actually learning that UV rays are everywhere, no matter what the weather is like. You guys can find out more in depth information about the lenses here, and you can find a nice pair of Cubitts to match, here.