Embracing all the Senses

I was never truly into my fragrances before I started working at Le Labo. To be honest, I never even considered it to be part of my wardrobe, yeah it felt nice to smell nice sometimes but it wasn't essential y'know? I didn't consider it to be part of my wardrobe.

Then I got this job... And let's say this, I've never smelt better.

There's something about Le Labo that will capture a lot of people, their scent's aren't season based and a lot of the perfumers they work with are responsible for some of the most famous scents in the world. They have a unique kind of style attached to their fragrances, alongside this minimal, industrial kind of design. Brown cardboard boxes and old worn interiors, you get the idea, but yeah, let's just say, getting a perfume there is more of an experience.

They have my utmost respect, they've managed to capture a small niche in the market by making all their perfumes fresh to order (the downside is that you need to leave the perfume for a few days before you can actually use it, but that just gives you an idea of how fresh it actually is).

So to the fun stuff. What am I showing you exactly? You're going to hate this.

I only have 2 of their fragrances in my possession currently, I have my eye on a few more but with the current price points it's expensive stuff. Anyone with a collection above 3 is seriously lucky in my eyes. Although they're dead expensive, they last and last...

So, my fragrances...

I mainly use one called 'Another 13' it's supposedly a secret, but with something this good, I feel I've got to share it.

The catch. You can ONLY purchase this in Colette in Paris, they pretty much own the scent. It was the lovechild between Le Labo and Another magazine, I'd recommend it to you but do I really want you to smell like me? I mean, if you aren't going to Paris, I'd say go for Santal 33 or Thé Noir 29, both exceptional fragrances and very easy to obtain. Kind of like my guilty pleasure when I'm not being a snob.

My second and most recent purchase is Baie Rose 26, Chicago's city exclusive. Another point to buying Le Labo, you feel like you own something no one else can. They have an exclusive range only available in certain cities.

With scent's like these, obviously, the prices are a little higher, kind of like paying for a secret membership or something, but if you get a chance to travel to another city that holds Le Labo, take the chance to check out their city exclusive. These bad boys are really something else.

If not, the classic collection is seriously diverse, I can almost guarantee there's something that you'll like. There's a total of 15 to choose from, going from really fresh citrus all the way to dark and smoky. If you feel like you're lacking a signature fragrance, that truly defines you, go to Le Labo.

Again, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my ramblings. I'm still all very new to this so please forgive any mistakes! Feel free to like and comment!