My SS17 Colourway

So it's starting to stay bright until around 6pm these days, that means we're almost into barbecue weather and shorts.

However I'm not quite ready to give up all my layers just yet, with the chilly wind that Doris has kindly left behind I can still go all the way with a shirt and jacket.

I have changed my colours though... Like everyone knows I'm a fan of the old black. But a friend of mine told me to be a little more adventurous, so I threw on everything I had in that creamy beige section. 

So, what am I wearing? The big question.

Starting from the feet up. My shoes are obviously Converse, the off white 1970s style is currently the best thing ever for me right now and I can't stop looking at my feet...

Next up, the trousers: Dickies. You'll normally see me in Carhartt, top to bottom. But I own a couple of pairs of Dickies, 873s. And frankly, at the moment, I'm in love with how they look with the crease line and the loose fit of them. I really need to invest in a few more pairs and colours.

Okay, so now the top half. The tee, Carhartt (of course) can't go a day without it being on my body... This is the SS16 collection, when they brought out their pastel colour tees, and it's the nicest shade of pink I've seen in a long time! I searched long and hard for this gem when it came into the winter sales. I just bought the college script tee, because less is more these days right?

The next two items are by Norse Projects, again, old season stuff, but nonetheless relevant. I picked up the Villads Shirt from Goodhood, it was actually a present from the girl, but I picked it y'know. It's a kind of heavy twill shirt with double breast pockets, (can't have too many pockets) and it's in this really nice shade of off white that compliments almost anything. Norse Projects have it down when it comes to simple designs and great colours. The next piece is the Ecru Nunk Jacket, I've rolled the sleeves up one because I think it's actually a little too big on me but something about it means it fits like a dream. It's lightweight, airy and just generally very practical for the in between months where everyone gets confused about the temperature. I picked it up from END in the sale, and I'm pretty sure you still can! Bargain in my eyes.

Again, big thank you to those who read, means a lot. I've provided links to all the pieces above, just look in the text. Not all will be colour exact because of seasons and whatever but y'know, it'll do.