Staying Loyal

Everyone's got a go-to brand or just general kind of style right? Especially as you get older, being adventurous with your style seems to become a little more risky in day to day life.

Well mine is Carhartt WIP. If you happen to know me then you'll probably know theres always something Carhartt related on my body, right down to my keys... And there's nothing wrong with that, they're a good solid brand, and compared to some of my other tastes, a little more within my price range.

So I often actually end up wearing all Carhartt. Here I'm styling the classic Detroit Jacket, Ruck Single Knee Pants and the Hooded Chase Sweat in ash grey, for those looking for a solid grey hoodie, I'd highly recommend this fit and colour, it's just perfection.

As for the feet, you'll probably only ever find me wearing Converse or Vans, and Redwings on the occasion. It's a pretty solid triple in my eyes, and with so many styles and colours to choose from in each brand, well you're spoilt for choice whilst keeping your classic look intact.

Here I'm wearing the Converse 1970's in an off white, similar to the Comme Des Garcons ones you might have seen, everywhere... Personally I really love the look and feel of the 70's, there's a little extra padding compared to the classic chucks and that higher gum sole just brings a little extra to the whole look of the shoe. I got mine from Size because I couldn't find this colour way on the actual converse website, and also, Size actually stock half sizes, which is perfect for me and my weird feet.

Thank you for reading my post, it's a real honour to get views especially in the saturated industry these days! Feel free to leave a comment or like and follow me on my various social media outlets.