The Open Shirt

It's such a safe bet isn't it? Just that classic look of the open shirt and tee.

With spring on the horizons I'm looking toward wearing a little less. Although, I still want to be able to keep at least a few layers constant. Shirts like this Levi's one are perfect for summer, and to pair it up with something like this Goodhood tee, they're a quality match. It's simple, light and airy, and with the mismatch patch kinda style going on with the bold text from the tee, it's subtly eye catching.

All these pieces are last season or the one before, so unfortunately I can't provide you with any links! Sucks I know, but what can I say, I'm behind the times!

Anyway, yet again, a big thank you for visiting and reading. Check out all the other sections on this blog, I'm planning to fill it with content soon!